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Pull to Fit "patent pending" is a miniature fabric belt with adhesive backing that is ironed discreetly on the inside of the waistband. This allow clothes to have an adjustable waistband that let you adjust up to 3 inches of slack in your clothes in less than a minute, without sewing, just ironing! It solves 3 problems:
Money: save by making the clothes you already have or hand me downs you get fit, so you save on alterations.
Time: it only takes a minute to apply .
Vanity: you look and feel good when your clothes fit right.
 Use on clothes that do not fit right because of: wide hips and small waist which creates a bulge, child small for their age or slim so standard sizes don't fit, sagging clothes, no belt loop, elastic stretch out ,person is tall so clothes are bought big for length now waist don't fit, had a baby or lost weight and in between sizes or need to pinch a inch, kids need to share clothes but sizes differ or your crotch is sagging because waistband is sagging. It helps people with disabilities have independence from needing help to undo a belt.
Comes in different lengths to fit toddlers, children, teens and adults

Pull to Fit is a solution to everyday problems with how clothes fit the waist. 
                             It only takes 3 easy steps
1. Peel the backing off   
2.Place in problem area.
3. Press and steam for 30 seconds on the inside, make sure to press down all corners thoroughly. Then 30 seconds on the outside of the garment, going back over the entire area where the Pull to Fit is. Let cool for 1 minute so adhesive can seal.
Then simply pull the elastic, adjust to your fit and button. If you need to get your slack back, unbutton it and clothes goes back to original size.  If a corner comes up after several washings, then simply steam and press back down for 60 seconds.
There are 2 belts in each packaging to place on each side of the garment.