Pull to Fit - Pull & Exend to Fit Gallery

Extend to fit is a waistband extender that adds up to 6 inches to the waistband in clothes in seconds.
It is reusable, comfortable and discreet.

Extend to Fit help adds inches to the waistband to help fasten clothes that are to tightextend to fit1

         Waistband Extender

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chas extend gridextend to fit


   Pull to Fit is a waistband adjuster: It will adjust up to 3 inches of slack to make clothes fit smaller in the waistband in minutes. You are doing your own alterations without sewing, just ironing.

Knit waistband with extra slack and Pull to Fit is applied to waistband to make pants fit in the waist
Pull to Fit was applied on each side of the  front seam of knit band to give pants shape.

                                    Irons discreetly on the inside of the waistband
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Irons discreetly on the inside of the waistband and do not show on the outside

The Pull to Fit belts come in assortments or colors and solids .