Pull to Fit - Pull to Fit Tutorial

Each package contains 2 fabric belts to be ironed equally on both sides of the problem areas inside the waistband with the elastic pointed toward the front of the garment.  Place Pull to Fit on each side of the back seam if your problem is a bulge in the back. Place Pull to Fit on each of the side seams for any other issues. If you are ironing over a area with a belt loop on the outside of the garment. Be sure and lift the belt loops up to iron under them so the heat can go through the fabric for the adhesive to seal.
Pull to Fit is applied in 3 easy steps                   
1. Peel the backing off   
2.Place one of each side of the problem area.
3. Press without steam for 45 seconds on the inside of the waistband, make sure to press down on all corners and the  area around the button thoroughly. Then press for 45 seconds on the outside of the garment over the entire area where the Pull to Fit was applied. Let cool for 20 minutes so adhesive can seal. You best results let cool for 1-2 hours.
Then simply pull the elastic, adjust to your fit and button. If you need to get your slack back, unbutton it and clothes goes back to original size.  If a corner comes up after washing several times, then simply press it back down for 60 seconds.
Some fabrics have a slick coating because of the dye, design or fabric. This can cause  the belts not to stick when ironing. In this case, add steam when applying.

How to Determine the Length to use
Pull to Fit comes in different lengths to fit the various body sizes . Pick the length according to the amount of slack in the waistband and how much slack you need to adjust. 
Toddler or small frame children: 4 buttonhole slots 
Children : Has 5 buttonhole slots
Teen: Has 6 buttonhole slots   
Adults: Has 7 buttonhole slots                                

Pull to Fit lengths
Pull to Fit lengths
Pull to Fit comes in lengths from toddlers to adults. The amount of buttonholes varies according to the length needed..