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Pull to Fit adjustable belt is a quick, inexpensive ,permanent and easy solution to fixing issues in the waistband when your clothes are to big in the waist.
Issues includes: bulge in the waistband because of small waist and large hips or bottom, small or slim body frame, clothes bought big for the length but to big in the waist, knit waistband that has no stretch, clothes without belt loops, rolled up waistband, using safety pins to tighten, in between sizes from maternity or weight lost, etc.
It is a miniature fabric belt with adhesive backing, a strip of buttonhole elastic and a button. It is ironed discreetly on the inside of the waistband to adjust up to 3 inches of slack to make clothes fit better.
Simply iron it on and pull the elastic strip until you get the desired fit and then button it to stay.

Extend to Fit waistband extender  is a quick, reusable and easy solution to fix issues when your clothes are to small or tight in the waist.
Issues includes: clothes that can't come together in the waist, broken zipper, growing maternity stomach, bloated stomach, overeating and clothes to tight.
It is a strip of buttonhole elastic with a button. You attach the extender to the button and buttonhole on your  garment. It will add 1-6 inches to the length of your waistband in seconds.

Pull to Fit and Extend to Fit comes in different lengths so anyone can use them.

      2 simple solutions to fix issues with how your clothes fit in the waist.

Pull to Fit takes up extra slack                                     Extend to Fit gives you inches
   It is a permanent solution                                              It is a reusable solution

Pull to Fit was applied to the waistband to make the clothes fit i          
Extend to Fit help adds inches to the waistband to help fasten clothes that are to tight                                    

Pants before and after 
Pull to Fit

Inside of waistband 
before and after 
Pull to Fit was applied to back seam