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 Pull to Fit fabric belts functions like a regular belt to tighten clothes except it is discreetly on the inside of the waistband. The belts are a simple, quick and inexpensive do it yourself solution that are applied on by ironing.

                                        Pull to Fit was applied to the waistband to make the clothes fit i          

Pull to Fit adjustable belt is a miniature fabric belt with adhesive backing, a strip of buttonhole elastic and a button. It is ironed discreetly on the inside of the waistband to adjust up to 3 inches of slack to make clothes fit better. There are 2 belts in each package. Simply iron it on and pull the elastic strip until you get the desired fit and then button it to stay.

Pull to Fit comes in lengths and colors to fit Toddlers, Children, Teen and  Adults    

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